Lost Plots of TNG

Happy First Contact Day, everyone!

Troi gains new fame among the crew for her covers of ancient Beyoncé songs.  She teams up with Data to release an album.  When her new hobby begins to interfere with her Starfleet duties, Picard must step in…to provide flute harmonies.


i’ve waited a long time to see this episode

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Geordi unwittingly enters into a blood pact on the tribble home world.  Can Captain Picard guide him through this delicate diplomatic situation?

An ill Riker must conduct tense negotiations with a former Federation colony when Picard is trapped with Data in a holodeck recreation of 19th century France due to malfunction.

Picard attempts to teach Data to appreciate wine.

After a chance encounter with a huon energy surge, Worf wakes up on a strange space station with no memory of how he got there. His uniform is different, his balric no longer is of the House of Mogh, and people everywhere are offering their condolences to him.

With the help of Chief O’Brien, he tries to understand how to get back to Enterprise…and in the meantime try to understand his loss.

Data goes on sabbatical on Vulcan.  Geordi mopes alone on the Holodeck, wearing his Watson costume.

I’d like to wish all hands a very happy Valentine’s Day!  I’m glad we can all share our love of TNG and tomfoolery together.  qamuSHa’!

Worf finds a creative outlet in fashion design.