Lost Plots of TNG

aturinfortheworse said: The personality of the Enterprise manifests in the form of a beautiful woman and is seduced by Riker, and the emotional turmoil of their affair causes strange malfunctions throughout the ship. Meanwhile, Picard attempts to introduce Worf to horse riding as a means of relaxation, but it all goes horribly wrong when Worf interprets the horse's disobedience as a challenge to his honour.

thefuzzhead said: During a Betazoid tea ceremony gone terribly wrong, the minds of Picard and Wesley are switched! Wesley pretends to be Picard because he's being an ass, Picard tries convincing the senior staff that there was a body switch, but they all assume he's being an ass. Guinan ends up slapping Picards mind back into his own body. Meanwhile, Whorf is invited to a Bar Mitzvah as Alexander's parent, but ends up challenging the child being celebrated to a duel to the death.

thefuzzhead said: Beverly Crusher funds a disease that causes the crew to uncontrollably pelvic thrust in their favorite objects. Riker breaks his trombone, Picard breaks a bottle of wine from his brother, and Data feels insulted that Geordi ended up humping a tricorder, but Geordi explains that he doesn't see Data as inanimate. Whorf has a terrible accident with his batleth.

After visiting the same archaeological site of a twenty-first-century Starbucks for the third time, Wesley realizes the Traveler is running out of ideas for their adventures.  He confronts the powerful being, who insists that he’s casting his mind back through the ages, trying to divine the recipe for a frappucino.


[x] Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis pitch their idea for a sitcom, The Rikers in Space.

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Happy First Contact Day, everyone!

Troi gains new fame among the crew for her covers of ancient Beyoncé songs.  She teams up with Data to release an album.  When her new hobby begins to interfere with her Starfleet duties, Picard must step in…to provide flute harmonies.


i’ve waited a long time to see this episode

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